Thursday, December 6, 2012

Favorites: your personal space in Magnolia 5

Magnolia 5, our next and biggest release so far, is made up of three key areas: Apps, Pulse and Favorites. Apps and Pulse have been featured on here already. There’s only one piece missing from our trinity coverage: Favorites!

The most straightforward way to think about Favorites is to look at it as a user’s personal workspace. While Apps is a toolbox that will help a company customise the CMS according to their business processes, Favorites is all about what is relevant to a single user.

There are two different kinds of Favorites that a user can create.

The first way to use Favorites works a lot like the bookmark feature of your browser: you add a page to your Favorites that you will want to edit again and again - the landing page, for example. Instead of navigating to it within Magnolia, just access it through Favorites within seconds - by clicking “Edit main landing page”.

Let’s use the case of a product page as an example for the second kind of Favorite, which we plan to deliver in a next step. You might have to publish product pages again and again. All you have to do now is create a Favorite for that type of page, which in turn will give you a template for a product page. Drafting such a page will require two clicks only: “Favorites” and “Add new product page”. Without Favorites, the process to get started would be a lot longer: you’d have to go to the Apps screen, open the Pages app, add a new page, pick a page template and then edit it. Favorites will thus eventually be able to also trigger important actions.

Why did we make this customisation our third shell app and thus a focal point of Magnolia 5?
Being able to get to work fast and efficiently is one of the essential principles of Magnolia CMS, so it was clear that this ground rule would be present throughout Magnolia 5. Favorites contributes to this in decisive and dynamic ways.

First of all, Favorites will help you shorten the way from signing into Magnolia to actually getting to work. Most Magnolia editors have a few actions that they use again and again - Favorites will lead them there within two clicks. Customising your workspace is incredibly rewarding: you know exactly where to go to deal with pressing matters. Further, it is another means to help you keep focus: Favorites will represent your most common and thus most important tasks within Magnolia.

One last point to consider is the fact that new editors or occasional users, who might be responsible for one or two pages only, will find it a lot easier to work with Magnolia: they won’t have to know every app or details of areas that don’t concern them - instead they can just customise their user interface with Favorites to use efficient shortcuts from the start.

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